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How to Walk Worthily 04-12-2015
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How Are You Worshipping 04-19-15
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The House That Christ Built 05-03-15
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Grinnell church of Christ
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It's Not a Phobia
What Type of Environment Are We Creating at the Worship Assembly?
The Gospel Meeting and You
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The Meeting is Over, Now What?
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Gospel Meeting April 26-May 1
A Study in the Psalms

Nathaniel Outcalt
evangelist for the Kiber St. church of Christ, Angleton, TX

Psalm 100- The Joy of Singing
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Psalm 63- God is Worth Waking Up For
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Psalm 56- I Am Not Afraid
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Psalm 139- Wonderful Are You Works
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Psalm 103- God's Great Compassion
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Psalm 118- The Savior in the Psalms
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Psalm 119- God's Wonderful Word
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